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"The North's own celebrity train"

Trainbaby was born in the depths of the BREL works in the English city of Derby in 1991 where a new class of train was been built. The class 158 DMU. He was given the number of 158905 and here the legend begins.

Why "trainbaby", how did it start?

This is a story which invloves the purchase of a model of 158905, A train station, and a rail staff day out to Bridlington!
During some Christmas shopping, a certain member of trainstaff bought a model of 158905 DMU (made by Bachman)... not too long after this purchase, some members of Rail staff had a day out in Bridlington and spent time playing on the amusements and having an all round good time . On arrival at Bridlington station for the train home, the train that would provide the journey was in fact 158905. Spotting the unit, the same person who had bought the model of this train ran across to the train and shouted "hey, it's Trainbaby!" - obviously linking back to the slightly smaller version of the train made by Bachman. From then on, the name stuck... and not only that, other traincrew members started giving their trains names! And now every class 158 Diesel Multiple Unit in the Northern Rail fleet has a name, and here the story continues..

This website gives more information about this "family" of trains running throughout northern England, including pictures, technical details, and links to other related websites of interest.

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