Trainbaby - Now available in purple

Trainbaby - Meet the Family

Below are the Biographies of all the Class 158 Diesel Multiple Units in the "trainbaby" family.
Larger images of those displayed on this page are available in the Gallery.

158901 "traindaddy"

Traindaddy is the leader of the pack and the original West Yorkshire Class 158 DMU.
He is the oldest and sometimes the wisest of them all and spends most of his days looking out for the others and keeping them out of mischief.

158902 "trainmummy"

Trainmummy could defiantly be described as the laziest of the West Yorkshire 158s. She spends most of her time at the engine shed and has been known in the past for stopping en route to admire the scenery. She means well though and is always on hand to keep the others from trouble.

158903 “Trainbubs”

Trainbubs is the rebel of the gang, he listens to punk rock music and likes to skateboard almost as much as his little brother skatertrain. He’s always on hand to blow his horn at fare-dodgers and smile at those who have tickets.

158904 “Sweetytrain”

Sweetytrain is often referred to as “going like a rocket” as she is very fast at times and doesn't like to hang around.
On the 24th May 2008 Sweetytrain was reluctantly repainted into the new Northern Rail livery but also carries Metro Train vinyls similar to the ones Trainbaby has.
Sweety normally operates on the Settle & Carlisle route from Leeds, Leeds – Manchester Victoria, Sheffield – Leeds expresses & stoppers, services around Hull & East Yorkshire though occasionally will work from York to Blackpool North. Her favourite routes are those which involve calling at Meadowhall as this girl can be a bit of shopaholic at times and going into the North West so that she can flirt with male Class 156’s. Sweety is currently dating 156480 aka Swifty; the pair met whilst she was at Carlisle in the Summer of 2007 and have been together since.
Her hobbies include shopping, partying with other trains, reading her Heat & Closer magazines for all those celeb fashion tips & likes her Dance and RnB music. Her favourite shopping haunts are Meadowhall, Leeds & Manchester whilst on a summer’s day she’d rather be in the countryside heading up the Settle & Carlisle.

158905 “trainbaby”

Trainbaby is is the north’s very own celebrity train. He used to wear his red and silver paint with pride but has since got used to the idea of being blue and purple, using the slogan “trainbaby - now available in purple” people come from far away to see trainbaby. He even has his own thread on the northern railways forum where people can post their sightings of him and his family. Trainbaby’s cult following has really taken on in the last year with him now boasting his very own myspace page and countless videos on youtube. Search for trainbaby in any search engine and you’re sure to find plenty of information on this legend.

158906 “traingal”

Traingal is the shyest of the west Yorkshire metros. Although rumour has it that she currently has her eyes on one of the class 156s so watch this space for any updates on this. She can usually be seen with her big sister sweetytrain anywhere across the north that has shops!! Meadowhall and the Metrocentre been amongst their favourites.

158907 “skatertrain”

Skatertrain adopted this name because for some reason he loves to be attached to skateboards (class 153 DMUs) but like he says “in all fairness it’s much better than been attached to a furnace!!” (class 150 DMU) last time his sister ginger tried that she wound up poorly sick at wolverton works for nearly a year!!

158908 “ginger”

Ginger was involved in an accident a few months back with a furnace (class 150) at Newton heath and as a result spent nearly a year away at Wolverton works poorly sick. She has since been fixed and is back out by herself again. Whilst she was away, her 52 end carriage (which was not damaged in the accident) was coupled up to another poorly 158, 158793 “gingersnap” - they have since found love and are enjoying their time together on the rails.

158909 “trainbuddy”

Trainbuddy once carried his very own “special” west Yorkshire metro livery, he was the first one to trial out the 2nd version of this livery but unfortunately a different version was chosen and he was painted the same as all the others. Trainbuddy now carries the blue and purple northern rail livery AND West Yorkshire advertising vinyl’s.

158910 “bournville”

Bournville was officially named “William Wilberforce” in 2007 by the current operator Northern Rail in commerate the abolition of the slave trade. But to everybody who knows her she will always be known as Bournville, the first of the metros to receive the new Northern Rail livery.
To find out more about William Wilberforce and his work to abolish the slave trade visit:

158793 “gingersnap”

Not strictly a metro train but he is Ginger's boyfriend. Gingersnap was involved in a accident in 2007 and while he was away at the works been fixed, his undamaged vehicle, 57793 was coupled up to Ginger's undamaged vehicle. The two of them soon hit it off as a couple and now spend every minute they can together.
Gingersnap came to northern rail from Central Trains and until recently he carried their green and blue livery. He has since been painted into the new Northern Rail blue and purple and carries Yorkshire Forward advertising vinyl’s.

158797 “fudge”

Like Gingersnap, Fudge is not strictly a metro train either but she is Trainbub’s girlfriend. She came to work for Northern Rail from Central Trains with her brother Gingersnap and has since been given a Northern Rail facelift too, she now proudly carries the blue and purple livery which she thinks is fantastic as she never did think that green was a very girly colour.

158815, 158816 and 158817 “the terrible trio of terror”

AKA: Gizzy, Fingers and Gypsy, these three troublesome sisters came to work in Yorkshire from the Great Western Railway and love nothing more than to cause mischief and mayhem for anybody who gets in their way. Renowned for playing tricks on the traincrew they are actually very loyal and always jump to the call when they are needed. Although trying to get them through the wash can prove to be a task and a half sometimes !!