Trainbaby - Now available in purple

Trainbaby - Train Biography

Trainbaby was born in 1991 at the BREL works in Derby and started his life working for British Rail with the West Yorkshire PTE. He is a WYPTE class 158/9 of which there was only ever 10 sets made. He currently works for Northern Rail but past employers include Regional Railways North East, Northern Spirit and Arriva Trains Northern. Trainbaby makes use of aluminium body technology and includes one of the best passenger interiors with air conditioning and interior carpets throughout.

He is a 2 car DMU, weighing 77 tons and can travel at a maximum speed of 90mph. He can carry 142 standard class passengers. He is 12ft 6" tall and is made up with the formation of 52905 and 57905. He makes use of two 350hp Cummins engines (a total of 700hp with both carriages combined)

He has only ever carried 3 different liveries. He started his life in the WYPTE red and buttermilk and was later repainted by Arriva Trains Northern into WYPTE's new red and silver livery. He has since been through a C6 overhaul with his current operator, Northern Rail, and now carries the Northern Rail purple and blue with WYPTE vinyls.

His interests include usual boyish things such as playing in his band, hanging out with the other trains and stalking female class 156s. He is currently dating 156425 "TG"